A “living laboratory”

LadyBird_1186_small.jpgLBJ Middle School is known as a “living laboratory.” It is a truly “green” school and students are taught about the environment and the renewables that power the school’s lighting and provide its cooling in summer and heating, when needed, in winter. In the school’s main corridor there are interactive displays for solar, wind and geothermal that students study.

The school’s renewable systems are monitored so students can observe them in action. The students study renewables and environmental issues as part of their class studies, and they are assigned projects in math class, science class and even in art class. They also take assignments home with them to study and record their families and neighborhoods’ conservation efforts.

Some students are assigned each year as “Ambassadors” so they can tell the story of their school’s efforts to visitors. The teachers at Lady Bird Johnson want to connect what their students learn at school to what is happening in the outside world. They also want their students to learn how to think and act critically, be problem solvers, and become lifelong friends of nature and the environment.

What some LBJ MS students have to say about their school

“Lady Bird Johnson has a very small carbon footprint. What’s important to me is that we save our energy and we make our own energy.” Bryce

“Being in a school like Lady Bird has taught me a bigger responsibility to go out into the world and share what I have learned. It makes me a better role model.” Soleil