Celebrate National Geothermal Day on October 20, 2015


National Geothermal Day aims to raise awareness about environmental and economic benefits of geothermal energy and its vital role in building a clean and secure energy future.

We are inviting industry partners, communities, businesses and educators to join efforts to advance further understanding and acceptance of geothermal technology as an unlimited, renewable form of energy. Join us by co-creating and sharing educational resources and participating in interactive activities in local communities and on-line.

The public awareness campaign will kick off on April 22, Earth Day 2015. The educational program will combine community-based events, seminars and media-rich resources. The website will feature information and activities relating to geothermal heating and cooling along with an educational video and interactive children’s activities.

How to Participate?

Register on the website or follow us on Twitter #GeoDay2015 to receive updates about upcoming educational activities and events, learn about partnership opportunities, and more!

Have an idea for an outreach activity or educational event? Send us an email to Support@GeothermalDay.com.

We look forward to your participation!