An Educated Geothermal Customer Will be a Satisfied Geothermal Customer

Happy_Family_.pngIt might sound redundant to refer to an “educated geothermal customer” because one can hardly think of someone electing to go with geothermal who has not done their homework in the first place. And geothermal does require homework because, even though geothermal is a fairly simple concept, it can be an operational challenge, especially with regard to its installation. It is certainly more complex to design, size and install than conventional forced air or hydronic (fluid/water based distribution) systems – two HVAC system approaches that have fully matured industries and are available to you.

After all, viable geothermal heating and cooling applications were first attempted in both residential and commercial buildings only in the late 1940’s and a geothermal contractor industry didn’t begin to develop until the 1980s. Like any service industry, the geothermal marketplace has a large trained and experienced workforce, capable of handling any geothermal job. But it also has its share of less than stellar installers who pass themselves off as experts, sometimes promise more than they can deliver, and who also sometimes cut corners.

To end up a satisfied, happy geothermal homeowner requires two things:

1. The first is to learn as much as you can about geothermal so you can ask the right questions of the geothermal “professionals” you will encounter in getting work bids.

2. Second, what resources are out there to help you ultimately validate/select the very best geothermal professional in your area to do the work for you and to stand by that work. (Note: More details on selecting geothermal professionals are included under “Finding and Selecting the Right Geo Contractor.”)

Otherwise you risk the chance of having a geothermal system in your home that may not deliver the peak level of heating & cooling comfort that you expected and which you were promised.