Considering Going Geo? Here’s What You Should Know.

House_Loop.pngIf you are thinking about building a new home or wish to retrofit an existing heating-cooling system in a home you are about to build or purchase, you may very well be thinking about going geothermal. You may be like many of today’s homebuyers: especially well educated purchasers who want to know about the full range of features, options and equipment they can to put into their home, to include the heating-cooling system and equipment involved.

You also probably know that heating-cooling your home is going to be your biggest utility expense, so you want a system that will deliver comfortable, well modulated indoor comfort that operates with minimal service requirements while saving on energy bills. You might even desire a system that uses renewable forms of energy, minus any carbon fuel reliance. For all the right reasons, geothermal should definitely be a system option you should consider. 

When it comes to a geothermal system option for a home, potential customers will quickly learn about geothermal’s many advantages. To get a better understanding of what’s involved in selecting geothermal for your home, and considering what an important decision this is, let’s first review some of the clear advantages that any candidate for geothermal will be sure to learn about.

We call these “tangible benefits” because even though most of the geothermal system is out of sight, these benefits are very real and easily understandable.