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“Within your lifetime, the house you live in will probably be heated and cooled by geothermal energy.”

Renewing the future 

Kids_Loop_logo.pngWelcome to Kids Loop, where you and your parents can find some answers to those questions and learn about how renewable energy is an essential part of our daily lives.

Without sources of energy, we might be living the way our ancestors did thousands of years ago, in crude, temporary shelters with no heat or air conditioning and no electricity. 

Today, must of us live in homes with heat to keep us warm in the winter and air conditioning to keep us cool in the summer.

But, living this way takes a toll on the planet – by the time you graduate from school, the world’s energy needs will be much greater than they are now.

Important Questions

What will the world be like when you’re all grown up? Will you be able to live the same way your parents did? Is your life going to change as the world’s energy demands increase?

As you live your life, the world’s best scientists and engineers will be working to come up with practical solutions to some of the long-term energy problems facing our world.

Happy_House_Cover.pngSustainable Solutions

Scientists and engineers have discovered that one of the best ways to solve our energy needs is to use energy from the sun to power, heat, and cool our homes.

When energy from the sun gets absorbed into the Earth, it’s called geothermal energy. It’s a form of renewable energy, like solar (from the sun) and wind.

Within your lifetime, the house you live in will probably be heated and cooled by pipes in the ground that, depending on the season, draw up the heat and cold from the ground and bring it into your house to keep you comfortable.

Growing Together

Happy_House_Coloring_Book_marker.pngLearning how renewable energy works is easy. On this page, you’ll find stories and fun activities that you can do by yourself, or with your parents, that will help you become a better steward of the planet and prepare for the future.

On this page, you can download “The Happy House” a fun picture book that explains how you can heat and cool your house using the sun’s energy.

You can also download a coloring book and some fun activities that you can do with your friends and family.

We’ll be updating this page regularly, so be sure to tell everyone you know about it and check back regularly!