Geothermal Goes Mainstream

GeoShipments_REV.jpgIn the years ahead the geothermal industry will grow rapidly as more companies get into the geothermal business to meet rising demand fostered by new housing communities equipped with geothermal, municipalities electing to reach Zero Net Energy as a future goal, and utilities offering geothermal services to their customers. Geothermal, as the most constant and efficient renewable that we have, will gain momentum. A continuation of the federal tax credit beyond 2016 will serve as a major stimulus for taking geothermal mainstream in the near future.

A Note on Heat Pump Manufacturers Heat pump selection should be based on the following factors:

  • Their equipment offerings comply with various standards and certifications: US EPA, DOE ENERGY STAR, ISO 13256, etc.
  • They incorporate the latest technology
  • They offer a strong warranty on parts and labor
  • They have good efficiency ratings (expressed in COP ratings – coefficient of performance of 3.0 and above. COP is a measurement of the efficiency of the heat pump.)

Here are the major heat pump manufacturers in alphabetical order:

Are you Ready to Geo?