Guess What: It’s Not the Geothermal System’s Fault

Disappointed geothermal customers are out there: They have installed Geo systems that have problems. However, though vocal occasionally, they are a small minority. The majority of geo customers people who are very satisfied. Here’s a common take-away to understand, one that’s revealed when the experiences of those unhappy with their geothermal system are investigated: in the vast majority of cases it’s not the geothermal system’s fault. Geothermal heating and cooling technology and its application methods are absolutely true to the promises made about geothermal and confirmed by thousands upon thousands of successful installations where the geothermal systems perform exactly as they were presented, delivering superior comfort over an extended number of years at a very low energy cost. 

The problems, in the vast majority of cases, are in the geothermal design and installation. And that goes back to the contractor hired to do the job, which reconfirms the critical importance of doing your upfront homework and taking advantage of the resources available that will lead you to hire the right professional in the first place.