Making renewables a reality in a middle school

LBJ_stamp.jpgImagine going to a school where renewable energy is used to heat and cool the building? And where the students are taught about renewable energy and conservation as part of their course studies?

Such a school is located in Texas, just outside Dallas. It’s called the Lady Bird Johnson Middle School. Lady Bird Johnson was the wife of Lyndon Johnson, who was President of the United States during the 1960s. Lady Bird was ahead of her time in calling for “beautification” of the environment: she was environmentally conscious back then. So naming a school after her that uses clean renewable technologies is a fitting tribute to her.

LBJ Middle School’s renewables

LBJ Middle School has about 1,000 students in grades 6 through 8. The school was designed and built to use renewables and to showcase them so that the students can see them in operation and learn about their benefits for the environment. Students from other area schools visit LBJ MS to see and learn about renewables. Here’s some facts about the renewables at work at LBJ MS:

  • 3,000 solar panels on the roof to produce electricity
  • 12 wind turbines to generate electricity
  • 107 geothermal heat pumps connected to wells underneath the school’s football field and parking lot