Contractor_With_Homeowners_Pic.jpgGeothermal Heating & Cooling and Your Business

The geothermal industry is growing and we hope that efforts like this campaign and a continuation of the federal tax credits for purchase of a geothermal system will further aid its growth in the years ahead. Homeowners and homebuyers are definitely interested in the geothermal option, and new business models for providing the geothermal loop at minimal cost are emerging. (See the Geothermal for Builders & Property Owners section for more on these developments.)

On the commercial side, property owners and developers who want to provide the energy efficiency and comfort of geothermal heating and cooling for their clients, are opting to go geothermal. Big corporate names like Ikea and Disney are transforming all of their facilities over to geothermal systems. Another driving force is at the state and municipal level where communities are mandating use of renewables and Zero Net Energy goals. Clearwater, FL is in the process of installing a central geothermal sourced cooling plant for its downtown buildings, and the five boroughs of New York are studying the feasibility of connecting all of their over 800,000 buildings to a geothermal grid by 2050.

Geo_Training_image.pngSo if you are not already in the geothermal business, whether it be at the residential or commercial level, or from the contractor or engineering professions, the opportunity exists for expanding your business focus to include geothermal.  

Included in this section are published articles and blog items focusing on why the geothermal option is a good business opportunity, how to approach geothermal as a business venture, best practice case histories and more. You’ll also want to check out our List of Resources for more on geothermal technology and its applications.

Helpful Articles

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Industry Best Practices: Selected Published Case Histories

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Training Resources

Geothermal industry associations and heat pump manufacturers offer training and certifications on geothermal systems and heat pump equipment offerings. Here are links to a few examples:

Modern_Geo_BOOK.pngSee also the textbook by Jay Egg, Greg Cunniff and Carl Orio - Modern Geothermal HVAC: Engineering and Control Applications. With a focus on market needs and customer goals, this practical guide explains how to realize the full potential of geothermal HVAC by integrating hydronic systems and controls at maximum capacity. Modern Geothermal HVAC: Engineering and Control Applications explains how to engineer and specify geothermal HVAC for building projects in varying geographic regions. Typical details on control parameters are provided. By using the proven methods in this innovative resource, you will be able to develop highly efficient, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing geothermal HVAC systems.

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