National and State Incentives for Geothermal Installations

Currently, a 30% federal tax credit is available on the total cost of a geothermal installation. This credit will last through the end of 2016 if Congress does not reauthorize it. However, there are many state incentives that will not expire and it’s important that any homeowner/homebuyer considering a geothermal system be aware of what the state they reside in offers. These state rebates can save you money and make you feel even better about the choice you made!

Chances are the majority of geothermal customers don’t know exactly what’s available, or how to take advantage of the multitude of geothermal HVAC incentives out there. To help you, we have provided the following information, to include a state-by-state reference tool, to guide you through the process of discovery.

Let’s start by running down what’s available to to geothermal customers here in the U.S. Here is a quick list of some possible benefits that may be of advantage to you. Visit the National and State Incentives page on the website to learn more.