Working environment in Vietnam: Top 10 best companies and changing trends in the future

Vietnam is a developing country with many opportunities for those who are willing to work hard. The workforce in Vietnam can be split into two main categories: the well-educated professional and the unskilled laborer. In recent years, there has been a shift from manufacturing jobs that require manual labor to more white collar office jobs. With this shift comes a large number of new companies looking for educated employees, as well as an increasing demand for skilled laborers across all industries. This blog post will take you through ten of the best companies to work at in Vietnam, highlighting their benefits packages and also discuss the changing trends in the working environment and employee market in Vietnam. We hope it helps you find your perfect job!

Working Environment in Vietnam
Working Environment in Vietnam

Factors to evaluate the company with the best working environment

The companies with the best working environment are evaluated according to some of the following criteria:

  • Number of employees
  • Employee treatment
  • Salary and bonus
  • Working space
  • Organizational structure
  • Size of business

Top 10 Companies with the Best Working Environment in Vietnam

Unilever Vietnam

For Unilever Vietnam, this is one of the most famous multinational companies in the world. And Unilever was also present very early in Vietnam. To be able to explain why this is a company with a very ideal working environment, the income level is the first factor when it comes to it. The average salary of employees at Unilever Vietnam on average will not be less than 10 million / month.

However, besides the high income factor, there are still different reasons why many candidates are willing to apply for jobs at the company. In particular, Unilever Vietnam always has a lot of training programs for employees at all levels. Monthly administrator trainee programs; training programs for senior managers always attract many candidates to attend.


Vinamilk Group is one of the large enterprises in Vietnam that candidates are very interested in recruiting.

There are many reasons for candidates to rate Vinamilk as one of the top companies with the best working environment in Vietnam today. In addition to having a fairly high salary; Vinamilk’s brand image is also very prestigious in the Vietnamese market. Sometimes, just the recruitment of sales staff of Vinamilk alone has attracted a lot of CVs to join the recruitment.

Vingroup company

For Vingroup, this is a very famous enterprise with many different large and small recruitment programs. Just hearing the name Vingroup makes a lot of candidates want to join the recruitment. With a good salary and bonus regime, dynamic corporate culture, Vingroup is always rated as one of the top companies with the best working environment in Vietnam today.

Despite being one of the top companies with the best working environment in Vietnam today. But to be able to work at Vingroup is not easy. The corporation’s projects are always numerous. Along with that, Vin’s monthly KPI is also very large. However, the employees working here will definitely have a lot of opportunities to develop themselves.

Samsung Vietnam

Samsung is a large Korean corporation that has been present in Vietnam for a long time. Samsung’s recruitment rounds are always very attractive to many workers. In which, the recent recruitment of Samsung Vietnam with 6,000 engineers; Bachelors in recruitment have also expressed the attractiveness of the positions of this leading Korean private economic group in Vietnam.

FPT Corporation

FPT Joint Stock Company is one of the leading information technology companies in Vietnam. At FPT, employees not only have high income for all positions. In particular, positions related to IT are always taken care of by the company very carefully. An average FPT programmer will earn up to at least 20 million/month depending on his experience.

In addition, the company always has many monthly awards for excellent employees. The awards set out by FPT Corporation always help to maximize the capacity of employees. Along with that, the company always has policies to support training for its personnel to improve professional knowledge for its personnel.

Viettel Military Telecom Corporation

According to the latest report, the average income of employees of Viettel Group is currently 23.7 million VND/month. This is the reason why Viettel telecommunications company is the number 1 telecommunications enterprise with the ideal working environment in Vietnam today.

Although the salary and bonus regime; Viettel’s income is currently very good, the work pressure at Viettel is not small. However, employees of Viettel telecommunications group will have many opportunities to develop themselves.

Intel Vietnam

To become an enterprise with the best working environment in Vietnam, Intel always puts the improvement of the professional capacity of its employees on top. In particular, businesses are willing to provide master scholarships worth thousands of dollars to employees without the need for employees to work for the company as a commitment in the labor contract. This is one thing that makes qualified and experienced personnel always excited to work for Intel.

Nestle Vietnam

Is a brand branch of Unilever Vietnam Group. Nestle is always interested in many new graduates. Every year, the company always has recruitment programs for trainee administrators for final year students, fresh graduates.

This is a great career opportunity for dynamic young people who have confidence in themselves when Nestle Vietnam is not too demanding on working experience like other multinational corporations. And also because it does not require too much work experience, Nestle Vietnam has long been in the top of the company with the best working environment in Vietnam today.

P&G Vietnam

P&G Vietnam is a branch of Procter & Gamble Group, headquartered in the US. The reason this company is always sought after by many employees is because of its well-built corporate culture policies. Every time they go to work, employees are always encouraged to improve their creativity and fun at work. Therefore, this is the address chosen by many candidates as the starting point for their career.

Vietnamese Pepsico

For Pepsico Vietnam, many employees have commented that this is a very recruiting place. In all different locations. The salary, bonus and welfare regimes are set up strictly. Therefore, this is a company that if anyone has worked, only one will stick with the company for a long time.


05 trends to change the working environment in 2021

The changes brought about by the pandemic will likely have a lasting impact on the job market. While technology and processes change, we can all observe that differences in mindsets and lifestyles are the most profound changes. Entering 2021, here are 5 trends that will change the working environment of people in the next few years.

Hybrid office

For a long time, many people have become accustomed to the traditional office design – where there are fixed seats and limited coworking areas. However, in order to respond quickly to the epidemic, many businesses have applied 50:50 working, half working at the office, half working remotely to keep distance and protect the health of employees.

According to JLL, flexibility and work experience have driven the demand for modern office design in recent years. Companies realize that job requirements change and employees demand flexibility in the workplace, so their offices need to cater to this need to help attract and retain talent.

Thus, the office “hybrid” – a balanced combination of both traditional and modern styles was born. The highlight of this type is the combination of flexible working areas, enhanced opportunities for cooperation and no fixed seats.

For example, in JLL’s Future of Work survey, many corporate real estate managers ranked collaboration and flexibility as the two most desired factors in enhancing the human experience at work. Workplace. According to the survey, leaders expect workplace collaboration to improve by at least 30%, and that is an incentive to increase collaborative work areas in the office.

JLL Asia Pacific’s Design Office Cost Report 2019/2020 also shows that the average cost has increased by 4.2% over the same period last year, greatly affected by the labor shortage. dynamics, increased construction demand and higher material costs.

However, on average across 29 cities in Asia Pacific, a modern office costs nearly 23% less than a traditional office. From another perspective, building a modern-style office in less time also saves money.

The trend of working remotely is growing strongly

According to the US Census Bureau, nearly a third of the US workforce and half of “knowledge workers” are able to work from home. While the number of people working remotely (full-time or part-time) has increased dramatically in recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic is a boost to this trend.

Working remotely, as the name implies, means that there is no limit to traditional office space, employees can work anywhere: at home, coffee shop, co-working space or even while traveling, as long as it’s efficient and on schedule. Although it is quite new in Vietnam, this form is relatively popular in European countries and the US, especially in technology and service companies, because of diverse benefits for both businesses and employees.

On the corporate side, they can reduce office costs, increase access to talent around the world, and enable the company to operate 24/7 with employees spread across time zones. As for human resources, the opportunity to experience a foreign working environment, to be paid the same salary and treatment as a local employee, but with domestic spending, saving time moving to the company are some of the advantages. need to be considered.

In the current context, remote working in Vietnam only stops employees completing work at home instead of at the office, but has not been able to fully promote the inherent advantages. There is no positive prediction about when COVID-19 will end. Therefore, remote working may have to become the main form of work for many employees and businesses instead of being considered a temporary solution.

Company virtual culture

Companies need to find ways to maintain their corporate culture in a virtual environment. Prioritize taking the time to develop a plan that ensures you focus on employee engagement. Normally, you can follow your normal employee engagement methods, but in a virtual environment this can be difficult. Host online meetings, networking, or team building exercises and welcome feedback. To attract and retain talented individuals, companies will need to communicate how they have cared for their employees during this difficult time.

Enhance employee health and wellness

Over the past few years, employers in the US have introduced new benefits to support employees, such as increased maternity leave. Even before the pandemic, Gartner research found that 45% of welfare budget increases were allocated to mental and emotional wellbeing programs.

And the pandemic has brought welfare issues to the fore as employers are more aware than ever of how mental health affects employees and companies in the workplace.

By the end of March, 68% of US companies launched at least one new health benefit to support employees during the pandemic. In 2021, employers will go further by expanding mental health benefits. This gives rise to days when they shut down entire companies for “collective mental health” to raise awareness among employees about this important issue.

Freelancing will help bridge the gap

Freelancer has never ceased to be useful for those who are unemployed or have their hours cut because of the pandemic. According to an Upwork survey conducted mid-June to early-July 2020, 59 million people (36% of the US workforce) had freelanced 12 months prior. 12% of respondents have started freelancing during the pandemic, 54% out of necessity and 75% in search of financial stability.

With the economic situation continuing to be uncertain and market disruptions, freelance work and the additional income it provides are likely to remain in the long run. In fact, up to 88% of Freelancers say they are more likely to have to continue this work in the future.

Companies will also benefit from a growing freelance job market, especially when they don’t have the budget to hire full-time employees. As businesses assess long-term needs, freelance and contract work can help them fill staffing vacancies.

The economist John Maynard Keynes predicted in 1930 that the amount of time we work would gradually decrease to just 15 hours a week as technology makes us more productive.

Above are the top 10 companies with the best working environment in Vietnam as well as the trend of changing the working environment in the future. I don’t know if that future is far away, but in the immediate future, we can already see extremely positive changes in the human working environment in 2021 and many years to come.

How to Set up a Representative Office in Vietnam

According to Vietnamese law, representative offices (representative offices) of foreign companies are not allowed to conduct profit-making activities but are limited to market research and non-profit activities. other profits. In case foreign investors do not have enough information to make investment decisions in Vietnam, the establishment of a representative office will be the most appropriate choice.

In the article below, VIVA would like to share 4 steps to set up a foreign representative office in Vietnam.

Set up a representative office for your foreign company in Vietnam
Set up a representative office for your foreign company in Vietnam

Conditions for establishing a representative office of a foreign company in Vietnam

Foreign traders may only be granted operation certificates of representative offices in Vietnam when fully meeting the following conditions:

  • The foreign company has been established and registered for business in accordance with the laws of a country that is a party to an international treaty to which Vietnam is a member or recognized by the laws of these countries;
  • The foreign company has operated in the host country for at least 01 year from the date of establishment or registration;
  • In case the foreign business registration certificate stipulates the operation term, the duration of such license must be at least 01 year from the date of filing in Vietnam;
  • Activities of Representative Offices: market research, trade promotion in Vietnam.
  • In case the operation contents of the representative office do not conform to the commitments of Vietnam or the foreign trader is not a member of a country or territory participating in an international treaty to which Vietnam is a contracting party, the establishment of a representative office shall be carried out. representative offices must be approved by ministers or heads of ministerial-level agencies in charge of specialized management (hereinafter referred to as the Minister of specialized management).

4 Steps to set up a foreign representative office in Vietnam


  • A representative office in Vietnam of a foreign trader is an affiliated unit of a foreign trader established in accordance with Vietnamese law, in order to conduct market investigation and a number of trade promotion activities. permitted by Vietnamese law.
  • Representative offices must comply with regulations on labor, social insurance by registering employers and monthly insurance. The amount of compulsory social insurance payment can be up to 34.5% of the salary budget.
  • Foreigners working for more than 3 months are granted a work permit .
  • Representative offices must comply with regulations on personal income tax according to tax registration numbers for each employee and are required to declare personal income tax monthly, prepare and submit annual tax finalization reports . The income tax rate for temporary workers is 20% on income earned in Vietnam, for residents from 5 to 35% of total income.
  • Representative offices must comply with other regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering, Commercial Law and other tax laws for any activities in Vietnam. In particular, the representative should collect and manage all relevant business records, in response to queries or questions from the authorities. After every 3 to 5 years of operation, the tax department will carry out inspection procedures to verify the truth, fairness and legality of each transaction…
  • The representative office must prepare and submit an annual report to the Licensing Department.
  • The maximum term of operation of a representative office is 5 years and can be extended .


Group 1: Papers directly from abroad

  • A copy of the business registration certificate or equivalent document of the foreign trader.
  • Letter of appointment of the head of the representative office of the foreign trader.
  • A copy of the audited financial statement or a document certifying the performance of tax or financial obligations in the latest fiscal year or a paper of equivalent value issued by a competent agency or organization where the trader is located. foreign trader to issue or certify, prove the existence and operation of the foreign trader in the latest fiscal year.

The documents mentioned above must be certified or legalized by a diplomatic mission or consular office of Vietnam abroad in accordance with Vietnamese law.

Group 2: Other documents that must be collected domestically

  • Copy of passport or identity card of the head and representative office.
  • Documents related to the location of the representative office establishment:
    • A copy of the memorandum of understanding ( MOU ) or the agreement to rent the location or the documents proving that the trader has the right to exploit and use the location to locate the representative office.
    • A copy of the document on the proposed location of the representative office’s headquarters in accordance with relevant laws.
  • The papers in group 1 have been translated into Vietnamese and authenticated.

Group 3: Submitting dossiers to competent state agencies

  • An application form for a license to establish a representative office, made according to the form of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, signed by a competent representative of the foreign trader.
  • Valid documents mentioned in Group 1, Group 2.


  • Complete all paperwork and records before applying.
  • Track the process, query or request from the staff.
  • Have a license within 20 days or sooner.
  • Engraved with official seal.
  • Register electronic signature for tax and labor declaration.


  • Announcement of representative office activities.
  • Published in three consecutive publications of a licensed print or online newspaper in Vietnam.
  • The representative office must officially start operating and notify in writing the Department of Trade of the start of operation at the registered office.
  • Employment records and employment contracts.
  • Tax Code – Personal income tax for local employees and foreigners.
  • Register a tax code for a representative office.
  • Register personal tax code for employees.
  • Office bank account statement .
  • Labor declaration.
  • Employee Employee Statement.

Cases in which the establishment of a representative office of a foreign company is not granted in Vietnam

The agency that issues the establishment license of a representative office of a foreign company in Vietnam shall not grant a license to establish a representative office of a foreign company in Vietnam in the following cases:

  • Foreign traders do not fully satisfy the conditions specified above.
  • Foreign traders only trade in goods and services on the List of goods and services banned from business in accordance with Vietnamese law.
  • Foreign traders apply for a license to establish a representative office of a foreign company in Vietnam within 2 years from the date of its revocation of the license to establish a representative office.
  • There is evidence that the establishment of a representative office of a foreign company is detrimental to national defense, security, social order and safety, historical traditions, culture, morality, fine customs and traditions of Vietnam. South and the health of the people, destroy natural resources, destroy the environment.
  • Submit invalid and incomplete dossiers at the request of licensing agencies.

Reporting regime for representative offices of foreign companies in Vietnam:

  • Before January 30 of each year, the representative office is responsible for sending a report according to the form set by the Ministry of Industry and Trade on its activities in the previous year by post to the Department of Industry and Trade.
  • Representative offices are obliged to report, provide documents or explain matters related to their operations at the request of competent state management agencies.

The following procedures to establish a representative office of a foreign company in Vietnam

  • To open a specialized spending account in foreign currency and a specialized spending account in Vietnam dong with foreign currency origin at a bank that is licensed to operate in Vietnam and may only use this account for the operation of the Representative Office;
  • Annually, before January 30 of the following year, the Representative Office must send a written report on its activities during the year to the Department of Industry and Trade (under the form);
  • Make a cash book to record all revenues and expenditures during the operation of the Representative Office;
  • Apply for a  work permit for foreign workers to work at the Representative Office (if any);
  • Sign a labor contract with the chief representative and employees of the representative office;
  • Annually, the foreign company must certify the salary and income (according to the form) for the chief representative and employees of the representative office;
  • Pay personal income tax, insurance for the chief representative and employees of the representative office (if any). Note, when paying tax, save all tax payment declarations and tax receipts of state agencies and finalize annual income tax for the head of the representative office and employees of the representative office;
  • Other obligations as prescribed by current law;

If you’re considering setting up a representative office in Vietnam, this guide should help give you the information that you need to make an informed decision. We hope that it has been helpful and look forward to working with you on your next project!

Important and Popular Public Holidays in Vietnam

The New Year holidays in Vietnam as well as other countries in the world have many holidays to celebrate, remember and mark important moments in history. In Vietnam, besides the Lunar New Year – the holiday with the longest holiday, Vietnamese people are still looking forward to and eagerly for other holidays taking place in the calendar year. Let’s take a look at these great holidays!
Tet Holiday in Vietnam
Tet Holiday in Vietnam

Major holidays of the year in Vietnam

New Year’s Day (1/1)

New Year’s Day is a holiday that takes place on January 1, the first day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar, an important holiday of the year for many peoples and cultures around the world. In pre-Christian times according to the Julian calendar, the date was dedicated to Janus, a god of doors and beginnings, whose name is also named for the month of January (January). As a date in the Christian Gregorian calendar, New Year’s Day marks the ritual of the Feast of the Circumcision of Jesus, also observed in the Lutheran and the Alica churches. Today, when most countries use the Gregorian calendar as well as the De facto calendar, New Year can be considered the largest public holiday, often with fireworks at midnight when the new year begins in the time zone. New Year’s Day traditions around the globe include making New Year’s resolutions, church services and going to church or calling friends and family, and celebrating. The beginning of a new year is also the first major holiday in Vietnam. Although it is not as important as the Lunar New Year, people are still very eager to welcome this holiday. On this single day off, everyone will organize an outing, meeting or simply attend a family meal.

Valentine’s Day – Valentine (February 14)

Valentine’s Day is a holiday originating from Western countries, but it gradually becomes an indispensable part for Vietnamese people. Although there is no holiday on this day, people will express their love to their loved ones with chocolates, flowers or lovely gifts. Today, this holiday is not only for couples who love each other but also an opportunity to confess their feelings to the person they like or can also be a family member. In Vietnam, Valentine’s Day (February 14) is also known as Valentine’s Day and the name itself suggests this is a day dedicated to lovers. Valentine’s Day is known as a holiday for couples’ love, an opportunity for brothers to express their affection for their other half. Or it can also be an occasion for both men and women to give each other gifts. The interesting point is that the streets are filled with romantic gifts inviting couples in love to buy gifts for each other, newspapers publish articles on how to have a memorable Valentine’s Day with him/her… creating a dominant atmosphere. of this day. Therefore, when Valentine’s Day approaches, it is not difficult for us to realize, beside the sublime emotions of those in love are the heartbreaking signs of those who have not yet found their other half.

International Women’s Day (March 8)

International Women’s Day, also known as the United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace, is celebrated on March 8 every year. This day was formalized by the United Nations in 1977. Today’s International Women’s Day celebration can be a public holiday in some countries, or become a major overlooked holiday in others. is different. In some countries, this day is a day of protest; In other countries, this day is a day to honor women. International Women’s Day is a day when women all over the world are celebrated. Although it is not a holiday in Vietnam, this is an opportunity for men or children to show their affection to the mothers and women they love. In some countries, International Women’s Day is celebrated with festivals and marches demanding equal rights with men in terms of wages, educational and training opportunities and career advancement, or are social security conditions, combating prostitution and violence against women, in general, are practical issues. On this day, it is common for European and North American women to refuse to accept flowers as a sign of inequality and mere formality. In Vietnam, this day is usually the day when men give women flowers (usually roses) and gifts, events are often held in agencies, organizations … where women work and participate.

South Independent’s day 30/4

April 30 holiday, officially known as Southern Liberation Day, Reunification Day, Victory Day, Reunification Day is a national holiday of Vietnam, marking the end of the Vietnam War when the forces of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam and the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam around noon on April 30, 1975. This day is the direct result of the 1975 Spring Campaign and is an important milestone in the history of Vietnam. Vietnamese history. The April 30 event took place after all American citizens and soldiers along with thousands of Vietnamese serving the government of the Republic of Vietnam in South Vietnam evacuated from Saigon. In 1976, Vietnam officially elected the Unified National Assembly and Saigon was renamed Ho Chi Minh City, after the late President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh. Every year, in Vietnam, there are many activities held to celebrate this day. It is also a national holiday, recorded in legal documents as “Victory Day”.

International Labor Day (1/5)

In recognition of the achievements of the workers’ movements of all countries, right at the Second International Founding Congress convened on July 14, 1889, the working class delegates adopted a Resolution dated January 1, 1889. 5 is the day of solidarity and struggle of workers around the world. Since then, May 1st has become International Labor Day. Implementing the Resolution of the Second International, on May 1, 1890, for the first time, International Labor Day was celebrated on a world scale. May 1 – International Labor Day is the day that working people of all countries around the world eagerly welcome. This is a day off when all employees still get paid. In Vietnam, the first International Labor Day was held in 1930. On May 1, 1930, for the first time in history, the workers’ movement in Indochina, the working class of our country, was under the leadership of the workers. of the Communist Party of Vietnam, protested in the streets to demonstrate revolutionary solidarity with international workers, and at the same time fought directly with the French colonial imperialists, demanding that France improve working conditions, must increase wages and implement the labor law 8 hour working day.

International Children’s Day (1/6)

The first International Children’s Day was celebrated on June 1, 1950 and then spread in many socialist countries, at that time also known as “the day of struggle for a happy and peaceful future for all children”. The holiday is celebrated on June 1 every year. Holidays are often marked by speeches on children’s rights and well-being, children’s television programmes, parties, various activities related to or dedicated to children, family activities. out side. International Children’s Day, June 1 in Vietnam, also known as Children’s Day, is a holiday for children, for the future generation of mankind. It is also a day to remind everyone to better protect and take care of children. Children – the future preschool of the country is always the generation that we always have to pay attention and focus on. International Children’s Day 1/6 is an opportunity for us to show our love and care for the children with meaningful gifts or encourage them to stay strong in the future.

National Day (September 2)

On September 2, 1945, more than 50,000 Hanoians gathered at Ba Dinh Square to celebrate the establishment of the new government. On behalf of the entire government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence. The 2013 Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Chapter 1, Article 13, Section 4 affirms: “The National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the date of the Declaration of Independence on September 2, 1945”. Vietnam National Day is an official holiday of Vietnam, taking place on September 2 every year, commemorating the day President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi, giving birth to the country. Democratic Republic of Vietnam, one of the predecessors of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The National Day holiday every year has many celebratory and artistic activities that attract a lot of viewers because this is a big and important holiday for Vietnam.

Vietnam’s teacher’s day (Novemver 20)

Vietnam Teachers’ Day or Vietnamese Teachers’ Charter Day is a commemorative day celebrated annually on November 20 in Vietnam. This is a festival of the Education sector and a Teacher’s Day, a day of “reverence for the religion” that aims to honor teachers. On this day, students often come to give flowers and gifts to teachers. The Education sector also often takes this opportunity to re-evaluate educational activities and set directions to improve the quality of education. Vietnam Teachers’ Day is a day when generations of students express their gratitude to their teachers – who dedicate their lives to the work of “growing people”, inspiring, passion and fire for their future owners. country. Good academic achievement, or fresh flowers will be the best things that our students give their teachers on this occasion.

Christmas (December 24)

Christmas is also known as Christmas, Noel, Christmas is the annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus, celebrated mainly on December 25th as a religious and cultural celebration of billions of people around the world. A central holiday of the Christian liturgical year, it ends Advent and begins the Christmas season, which historically in the West lasts twelve days and culminates on Twelfth Night. Christmas Day is a public holiday in many countries of the world, is religiously celebrated by the majority of Christians, and is also celebrated as a cultural festival by many non-Christians and forms an integral part of the holiday centered around this day. Christmas in Vietnam in recent years has become very popular. Christmas has become a public holiday, not a holiday reserved for Christians. In Vietnam at Christmas, people often give each other Christmas gifts, especially young couples, often give each other gifts on Christmas and give each other sweet wishes, besides that On this day, children often receive gifts from Santa Claus. This is an opportunity for you to express your love to relatives, friends and loved ones by participating in a cozy meal or small gifts.

Day of Invalids and Martyrs (July 27)

In order to have peace, a peaceful and prosperous life like today, we cannot help but remember the merits of so many generations of heroes – the brave Vietnamese who went before. They sacrificed their youth and blood to protect national sovereignty. Invalids and Martyrs’ Day July 27 is an annual celebration held to commemorate the war invalids and martyrs who have sacrificed and lost their lives through wars. Thereby propagating and educating the young generation about gratitude to those who have made merits to the Revolution so far. The date of July 27 every year reflects the evaluation of the Party, the State and the people with the families where someone has sacrificed for the Fatherland. Thereby, in order to promote the spirit of patriotism, love of socialism, revolutionary spirit and belief in the revolutionary cause that Uncle Ho and our Party have chosen and led. It also aims to encourage and promote the revolutionary tradition in the national renewal process.

Holidays Employees Will Have Day-offs During The Year In Vietnam

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day, or Western New Year, is a holiday taking place on January 1, the first day of the year according to the solar calendar, which is an important holiday of the year for many peoples and cultures around the world.

Lunar New Year

Usually on the last day of December to the 4th of January (lunar calendar), is the traditional Tet of the nation. During the Lunar New Year, families gather together, visit, celebrate their age and worship ancestors, go to New Year’s greetings to relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, etc. Besides, this is the day people put their hope in a peaceful, prosperous and favorable new year for the whole year and put aside all bad luck in the old year.

Hung Vuong King’s death anniversary

Hung King’s death anniversary or Hung Temple Festival or National death anniversary is a holiday of Vietnam. This is a traditional festival of Vietnamese people to commemorate the merits of building the country of Hung Vuong. The Hung King’s death anniversary is held on the 10th day of the third lunar month every year and is organized by the State in even-numbered years.

Southern Liberation Day

The event of April 30, 1975 is an important day – the day when our people completely defeated the war of aggression and the new colonial rule of the US imperialists in the South, completely liberating the South, and reunification. This is the event that gloriously ended the longest, most difficult and greatest war for national salvation in the history of our people’s resistance against foreign aggression, marking the end of the Vietnam War and the beginning of the Vietnam War. officially transitioning to unify Vietnam into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

International Labor Day

International Labor Day or May 1 is a celebration of the international workers’ movement and of workers, and at the same time praising the workforce, fighting for peace, democracy, and social progress.

Independence Day

September 2 every year is the National Day of Vietnam. On this day in 1945, President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence at Ba Dinh Square, Hanoi and gave birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

List of public holidays in Vietnam

Important holidays and Tet according to the solar calendar

In addition to the familiar holidays according to the Yang and Western calendars, Vietnam also has other gratitude holidays that you may have heard of but do not remember exactly.
  • January 1: New Year’s Eve
  • February 14: Valentine’s Day (Valentine)
  • February 3: Founding Day of the Communist Party of Vietnam
  • February 27: Vietnamese Doctors’ Day
  • March 8: International Women’s Day
  • March 20: International Day of Happiness
  • March 26: Founding Day of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union
  • April 22: Earth Day
  • April 30: The day to liberate the South and reunify the country
  • May 1: International Labor
  • May 19: President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday
  • June 1: International Children’s Day
  • June 28: Vietnamese Family Day
  • July 27: Invalids and Martyrs’ Day
  • August 19: Successful August Revolution Day
  • September 2: National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • September 7: Established Vietnam Television Station
  • October 13: Vietnamese Entrepreneurs Day
  • October 14: Founding Day of Vietnam Farmers’ Association
  • October 20: Founding Day of Vietnam Women’s Union
  • November 20: Vietnamese Teachers’ Day
  • December 22: Founding Day of the Vietnam People’s Army
  • December 25: Christmas

Important holidays and Tet according to the lunar calendar

Holidays and Tet according to the lunar calendar are reminiscent of the meaningful cultural traditions, customs and habits of the Vietnamese people.
  • January 15: Lunar New Year
  • March 3: Han Food Festival
  • April 15: Buddha’s Birthday
  • May 5: Dragon Boat Festival
  • July 15: Vu Lan Festival
  • August 15: Mid-Autumn Festival
  • December 23: Worshiping Ceremony of Ong Tao
Above we have introduced to you the most important holidays of the year in Vietnam, there are Vietnamese holidays and also common holidays of countries around the world, there are also national holidays in Vietnamese ethnicity. Hope this information helps you!

5 best tips to find the Vietnam soul mate online

Many people are looking for a partner – it’s one of those things that we all have on our bucket list. But finding the perfect person to spend your life with can be difficult, which is why many singles turn to social media and dating websites in order to find someone who shares their values and interests. In this article, you’ll read 11 tips from social media experts about how to meet someone great!


Tip #1- Be honest about what you want from a relationship. Don’t be afraid of rejection! 


“Many people enter the dating scene with unrealistic expectations and an unwillingness to compromise,” says social media expert, Heather Bussing. “I think many singles are unwilling to meet someone for who they are because they don’t believe that person will be perfect. Instead, they’re looking for someone who they can change.” But by being honest about what you want from a relationship- and not settling for anything less – it is possible to find the right partner for you!


The reason why people are so intimidated by rejection is that we have an inflated sense of self worth. It’s important to remember that people will always have a different opinion about what is perfect. And if we don’t feel good enough as the person we are, then it makes us even more afraid of being rejected!


“You need to take care of yourself so you can be happy and confident when meeting someone new,” says Bussing. “When you’re looking for a partner, be honest about what you want and don’t settle. Be confident in who you are!”

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Tip #12- Meet new people at organized events. 


“Dating is no longer just dinner and drinks,” says social media expert Daniela Braga. “There are tons of great opportunities to meet new people at organized events – so don’t be afraid to explore!”


Tip #13- Find a partner who shares your interests. 


Many singles find it difficult to start conversations when they aren’t interested in their date, which is why many experts recommend finding someone with similar interests as you! “It’s important for any long term relationship to find someone who shares your interests and values,” says Braga. “Otherwise, it can be really difficult for the relationship to survive.”


Tip #14- Keep lines of communication open with potential partners. 


“I’ve always had a great time going on first dates – but I find that people don’t like texting me back,” says Bussing. “I find it’s best to keep lines of communication open with potential partners.”


Tip #15- Try online dating – it’s a great way to meet someone! 


“Online dating is one of the best ways for singles to find love,” says Braga. Online dating gives you access to so many different types of personalities and backgrounds – it’s a great place to find someone who you love!”


Tip #16- Be active on social media. 


“Social media is the perfect way for people to find potential partners,” says Bussing. “One of my favorite ‘dating’ apps is Instagram because I can really connect with people with similar interests. I find that it’s helpful to be active on social media networks and find someone who shares the same values as you.”


“I’m always impressed by people who find potential partners through hashtags,” says Braga. “It requires a lot of creativity – but it can work!”


Tip #17- Join an organized dating event.


“Dating events are a great way to find potential partners,” says Bussing. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to make friends, but I find that I have so much in common with the people at organized dating events!”


Tip #18- Join an online dating website or app! 


Social media experts find that joining an online dating website or app is a great way to find someone who has the same values and interests as you. “I used Tinder for awhile, but I find it’s more fun when people are in your city,” says Bussing.


“Online dating websites can be really helpful because they have all these ‘filters’,” says Braga. “I find it’s easier to find someone who shares the same interests as you.”


Tip #19- Join a singles group! 


“A great way for people to find potential partners is by joining an organized singles group,” says Bussing. “It gives my friends and I something productive to do on Friday nights and it really boosts my self esteem!”


“I find that people are more open to meeting other singles when they’re in a group,” says Braga. “It’s a great way for people to find someone new.”


Tip #20- Hang out with your friends! 


Some social media experts find that hanging out with their friends is a great way to find someone who has the same interests as you! “Whenever I’m feeling lonely, I hang out with my friends,” says Bussing.


“Hanging out with your friends can be really helpful for meeting people,” says Braga.

Incredible ways to win every pickleball game

Most people are not familiar with the pickleball game. It’s somewhat similar to tennis and involves the hand-eye coordination of the sportsperson. As a beginner, I was wondering to sort out the rules and methodology of the pickle ball game. This game can be enjoyed by all age groups and helps to sustain excellent physical activity.

For people with an obsession with this game, it’s very essential to know how to play pickleball like a pro. Because of its low impact on body features this game is becoming very popular in European and Asian countries.

What things do you need to play this game?

The primary thing for playing pickleball game is the type of ball. The outdoor and indoor ball is different from the number of holes on it. Thus, you can choose the one according to your taste.

Secondly, you need a durable and competent paddle made with wood, graphite, or fiberglass. You can find the best pickleball paddles for the beginner by browsing the net.

The last thing you need is a net. The length of the net should be 36 inches with accurate width and support.


What are the protocols for pickleball?

You can play this game single and with a partner. As a beginner, you should know about the rules before starting the game. You can’t become a pro within days every game needs some practice and dedication for improving the skills. Watch for some points while playing pickleball.

Have fun and play with dignity

While playing if your ball is in or out of court then, you should give the benefits to your playing partner. Always play with integrity and grace that the others could feel comfortable while playing. You are playing for fun and let others play without any trouble.

Avoid switching off the balls and try to stick with one ball, and get the best pickleball paddles for beginners to play a potential and power-boosting game.

You should not walk behind the active game and wait until the game gets stopped or there is a break in the game.

Never exaggerate your skills and make your partner comfortable while playing enthusiastically.

Some tips for playing pickleball like a pro

Many people think about how to play pickleball like a pro. This question comes to the mind of beginners, and the answer is very logical that everyone can understand easily. Here I would like to mention some points that could be beneficial to assess this game completely.

  • Warm up the body before starting this game
  • The most important point is to learn how to dink and toss the ball
  • One must identify the target and play by utilizing the hand-eye movement
  • Avoid hitting the ball close to the sideline and near to sideline. It may cause illusion and you can be detracted
  • You should play to support your partner. Sync the movement with a partner and play like a gentleman
  • Play simply and communicate with your partner while playing tricky shots

Final verdict

I penned down a few lines for giving you an idea about the pickleball game. This is all about how to play pickleball like a pro. You can learn to play by constant practice, and it’s a very feasible game to provide full-body movements. To maintain a healthy lifestyle a game like pickleball is essential to practice in your routine. Let’s plan a tournament and get the best pickleball paddles for beginners to show your skills.

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5 Multi – Purpose Basketball Drill – Great Ball-Handling Skills

Drill Purpose

This drill is will help players develop great ball-handling skills while running down the court.

1. Players will be divided up into two teams. One team, the offense, will line up close to the baseline – sideline intersection. The other team, the defense, will line up in 15-20 foot intervals all the way to the opposite baseline.

Great Ball-Handling Skills
Great Ball-Handling Skills

2. On the whistle, the first player in line will dribble up to the first defender and make a move of their choice (behind the back, between the legs, crossover, spin move) and move on to the next defender. Pro Basketball World


3. The defender will try to take a swipe at the ball and try to knock it away from the offensive player. The defender is
stationary, so this will be the only defense that is allowed of this player.


4. As soon as the first player gets past the first defender, the next player in line will begin.


5. When the player reaches the opposite baseline, they will sprint to the other end and make a layup and go to the back of the line.


Points of Emphasis

Continually tell your players to…

– Mix up the dribble moves you do at each defender.

– Keep the ball under control!

– Dribble with the correct hand (if you are on the left side of a defender, dribble with the left hand).

– Shoot the lay-up with the correct hand (left side = left hand).


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Can You Use a Marine Battery in a Golf Cart

Can You Use a Marine Battery in a Golf Cart?

Golfing can be all fun and games until your trusty cart runs out of battery, and you have to push it back to the clubhouse, along with hefty a golf bag full of clubs. Many people have wondered whether can you use a marine battery in a golf cart, and we’re about to reveal the answer in today’s article. Stay tuned!

Can You Use a Marine Battery in a Golf Cart?

Technically speaking, yes. But there are a few things to keep in mind before deciding to use a marine battery in a golf cart.

Most golf carts use electric batteries, which are standard lead-acid batteries. As for marine batteries, they often come in three chemical types: flooded, gel, and absorbed glass mat (AGM).

The most common type of marine batteries is AGM. It is also a type of lead-acid batteries; they’re sometimes used for certain vehicles, but very few cars have them due to the special charger needed to keep the battery loaded.

Even though the two batteries are basically the same, they do have some dissimilarities, which is why the manufacturers have categorized them differently for specific applications.

Plus, you’ll notice apparent disadvantages when using a marine battery instead of a regular 6-volt golf cart battery. The run times are significantly shorter, and it also requires faster replacement times.

Marine batteries are also prone to damages, especially the sensitive components. For example, if you get swamped, the batteries will stop working properly, and you’ll have to find your way to work around them because a high-voltage charger won’t be able to save the day in this case.

That being said, marine batteries should only be used as an alternative when you have no other choices. Lithium-ion batteries, on the other hand, make a better alternative for when your golf cart batteries are used up.

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Marine Battery in a Golf Cart?

In this part, we’ll get to the details of why you shouldn’t use a marine battery in an electric cart.


Depending on the capacity of your electric cart, you choose a suitable deep cycle battery, which can be 6-volt, 8-volt, or 12-volt. The most commonly used is 12-volt, and it is able to endure a higher temperature when being charged than most marine batteries.

In fact, there has been some research proving that marine batteries rarely are rarely charged when the temperature gets above 90℉. Golf carts can get a lot hotter than this rate, especially when being driven under the sun all day.

The temperature difference makes one reason why you shouldn’t use a marine battery in a golf cart. Not only does it proceed with a negative impact on the charge, but it also won’t last through 9 holes, if not full 18 holes.

Internal Parts Quality

Batteries that are made specifically for golf carts often have slightly better internal parts quality than marine batteries. They’re also sold at a lower price point as they need to appear viable in consumers’ eyes.

With this in mind, marine batteries don’t have the right built as those designed for golf cart applications. Using the right battery will make it last as long as advertised, this we can guarantee.

Plate Factor

Inside every battery, you will find a plate to store energy, also known as the storage capacity of one battery. The larger the plate size is, the more energy it holds.

A regular 6-volt deep cycle battery holds more energy than a marine battery due to its larger plate size. The plate inside a marine battery is considerably smaller than some of the best golf cart batteries.

That being said, golf cart batteries are able to hold power over long periods, making a reasonable option for when you have to drive around a full, 18-hole course, which can take up to 2 to 3 hours.

Discharge Rates

Marine batteries and golf cart batteries also have different discharge rates, posing a problem when you want to use them interchangeably. To be more specific, some golf cart batteries can be discharged down to 80% of their capacity and has no problem charging back up. Marine batteries, on the other hand, has a discharge rate of 50%. This also explains the rapid decline of power when using a marine battery in a golf cart.

Maintenance for Golf Cart Batteries

To keep the lifespan of your golf cart batteries longer, crucial maintenance is needed.

  • Maintain the right electrolyte level and water levels
  • Only stay with one battery chemistry. Using different ones in a battery group can cause rapid power loss due to under- or over-charging as each type has specific charging voltages.
  • Never discharged and plugged in for use during a round of golf if the golf cart battery is not fully charged
  • Keep battery cool, clean, and dry
  • Check terminal connectors often to avoid conductivity loss
  • If you use a flooded lead-acid battery, it’s important to add distilled water every once in a while as there can be water loss from time to time.
  • If there’s a sign of corrosion, use baking soda and water to clean. Gently scrub with an old toothbrush so as not to damage internal parts.

Can You Use a Marine Battery in a Golf Cart? – Final Verdict

We assume you must have the answer to this question if you have been reading this far. Technically speaking, you can use a marine battery in a golf cart; the engine will still be running, but there would be possible battery failure if you just trace back to the sections above.

Can you use a marine battery in a golf cart? Yes, but we do not recommend this, even though there is some logic to this swapping situation. It’s best to just stick with the flooded lead-acid battery you have been using this whole time and keep it fully charged for when you want to use it.

What is the best cookware for induction cooking

What is the best cookware for induction cooking

The induction hob … what a revival!

The indisputable celebrity in our kitchens is undoubtedly the induction hob: elegant as well as extravagant in vogue, sophisticated should swiftly become preferred in houses around the world!

Induction cookers have a glass-ceramic surface area, unbroken product, treated to withstand deterioration by acids as well as severe temperature levels, and a winding system below the cooktop. These, electrically powered, when the device touches the stove, will produce an electromagnetic field that takes a trip directly to the bottom of your pot (need to be level as well as made of colored material).

What are the benefits and also drawbacks of the induction hob?

Anybody that has an induction hob knows this well, however the advantages, over a conventional range, are several:

. Incredibly easy to tidy

. Good thermal efficiency

. Minimizes heat dissipation

. Food reheating rate

. The price is not higher than the gas stove … 

Not to mention the excellent impact on the aesthetic side!

In contrast to common belief, this device conserves energy significantly, because there is no loss of power and also heat! As a matter of fact, as mentioned before, the top just warms up when it can be found in contact with the bottom of the pot.

Safety has to additionally be thought about as no flames, no threat of gas leakage, and no danger of burns given that the disc only emits warm around its own boundary.

Cosmetically, the touch panel appears like a basic, level enameled surface area, with delicate, stunning lines, appropriate for any kind of sort of kitchen area: ideal in modern kitchens, but also with The rustic-style kitchens create a very clear contrast. existing

 Induction food preparation as well as surroundings: an effective combination.

Without a doubt, the induction hob has a variety of attributes that can not be overlooked: contrasted to a traditional gas stove, its operation depends totally on making use of fossil fuels, the induction hob can definitely be made use of. on all alternate and renewable power resources.

Induction food preparation is certainly the authority of future smart kitchens

 What is induction cooking?

Induction cooking suggests the use of special cookers that have become an increasing number of popular in recent years, not utilizing a regular flame, however utilizing an electromagnetic field that is triggered whenever has actually tinted material on it.

Stainless steel kitchenware

Stainless-steel kitchenware is favored amongst professionals, yet high quality relies on density as well as a variety of layers. Stainless steel that is also light can bring about cooking problems, as it risks of warming up also rapidly and also losing heat at the same rate.

Slim pans can be utilized, especially if you have a gas oven, yet they do need some ability. The food will certainly shed conveniently if the frying pan heats up as well quickly. At the same time, if you have the ability to respond promptly, slim stainless-steel cooking equipment supplies the flexibility to handle overheating promptly and successfully.

Thick as well as hefty stainless steel pans, on the other hand, warmth extremely slowly however still enable food preparation when hot. The downside is that they do not greet promptly if the heat ends up being extreme, which develops the danger of melting the food. Select the right item according to your requirements and do not necessarily think that a hefty product is of exceptional top quality

Lightweight aluminum induction pots and pans

The lightweight aluminum frying pan does not work with induction ranges, yet is suitable for use with gas ranges. Induction food preparation depends upon the generation of a magnetic field as well as aluminum is non-magnetic steel. There are models in which aluminum is incorporated with various other materials that are magnetic, and can be utilized on induction stoves.

The benefits of these sorts of pots are that of traditional aluminum cooking equipment: they require marginal supervision as well as minimize the threat of food burning. The downside, however, is that they emit warmth much less equally than stainless-steel stoves and have a tendency to dissipate warmth

 Induction Pots and pans made of cast iron

Iron is one of the oldest products utilized for cooking. It has non-stick residential properties as well as adds a really special taste to foods. Is the component trusted by several professional chefs? The cast-iron pot services an induction hob, and is lengthy as well as economical lasting if it is appropriately preserved.

The high warmth that actor iron pots and pans can get to compensates for the drawbacks of non-stick cooking equipment. The drawback is the high weight that makes them bulky and also difficult to grip with one hand. In addition, they require some upkeep. Nonetheless, toughness surpass the drawbacks

 Induction cooking tools

What is the best cookware for induction cooking

Copper kitchenware is one of the most costly. It is a material that is naturally incompatible with the induction hob, however comes to be so if it has actually been processed.

It is not the ideal product for this type of modern technology, so copper’s stamina is its capacity to transfer warm directly as well as efficiently to food.

Whichever product you pick, as the pots are utilized a great deal as well as for a long period of time, choose brand names that are well known for their top quality

 What are the very best non-stick induction pots and pans?

Lots of brand names offer induction cookware , made of various materials; one of the most ideal are those constructed from stainless steel (or stainless steel), which are durable and perform excellent warmth.

Aluminum carries out and holds warmth far better than stainless-steel, is light and does not rust but regrettably, it is incompatible with induction; For this reason, a stainless-steel sheet is put right into the all-time low to allow warm to transfer and also pass to the rest of the surface area.

On top of that, there are non-stick frying pans covered with marble or ceramic, which are simple to tidy, scratch-resistant, and allow grease-free food preparation, for health as well as mild cooking. In addition to the kind of material, the framework of the kitchenware utilized is really vital: one of the most ideal pots/ frying pans have three layers: 2 layers of steel and also a lightweight aluminum inner (likewise referred to as Sandwich).

Famous brands are also offered on and various other online bargains, a range of pot/ frying pan. The customer has a large range of alternatives within his or her computer’s reach as well as can choose in between different offers as well as a broad range of discounts.

In acquiring guides, it is very important to identify the superiority of particular brand names in suggesting pots made from particular products.

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How to Paint over Peeling Paint

Peeling paint can be too uncomfortable for house owners if it started peeling off quickly. When you see there is some portion of the paint that is pulled off, the only way to give a better look is to cure the portion and then paint again. In this article, we will talk about the painting process over peeling paint.

First Asses the Portion Where the Paint Is Being Peeled Off

Before the decision of painting, you will have to assess the portion where the paint has been started peeling off. The best way to paint over peeling paint is to remove all the peeled portion. After you have come to an assessment, go for the next part.

Select a Day

Painting is an artistic matter and for this reason, you must not do cursory work for it. Plan a day for the painting process. Ideally, a single day is not adequate as you will have to dry up both the primer and the paint, so you should manage at least two to three consecutive days for the work. Manage days when you are totally free so that you can work in full-fledged.

Make a List of Things and Estimate the Total Cost

It is wise to make a list of all the items that you will have to buy in order to go for a better painting. We will give you a list of items which you can follow to have a better idea about the necessary items. After making the list, check the estimated price of each item roughly and make a rough total budget for the items. making the estimation is good for getting an idea about how much you will need to spend for buying the items.

Buy the Necessary Items

Here is a list of all the necessary items that you will have to buy.

Scrap the Peeled Portion

Now scrap the whole peeled area of paint in order to remove it completely. The loosen paint must be removed before going for the next step.

Prime the Portion Well

Prime with a quality primer as to cure the portion well. Prime with a paintbrush or roller. After the first coat of primer, give reasonable time to dry it completely. After drying up well, go for the second coat of primer. The second coat of primer makes the priming stronger and better.

Paint with Latex Paint

This is the final stage of the painting. Use a paint sprayer for the best result in painting. You can also use a paintbrush or roller in order to complete the painting though the finishing will not be like using a paint sprayer. Paint evenly with the paint sprayer. You might need to give double coats of paint. After both the coats of paint, you will have to leave much time to dry them up.

Finally, your main concern is always to match the color of the peeled portion with the rest of the area.

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What is the best air ratchet

What is the best air ratchet

If you have a mechanical workshop, you know how important it is to have a pneumatic screwdriver.
Allows you to unscrew and tighten all myriad screws and bolts that hold the engine’s sophisticated components and more.
The market offers different models and with our advice, we point out which is the best pneumatic screwdriver.


How to choose the best pneumatic screwdriver

If you have a mechanical workshop, you know how important it is to have a pneumatic screwdriver.
Allows you to unscrew and tighten all myriad screws and bolts that hold the engine’s sophisticated components and more.
The market offers different models and with our advice, we point out which is the best pneumatic screwdriver.

An indispensable tool in the modern mechanical workshop is a pneumatic screwdriver. This tool is practically indispensable when you have to remove or install a car tire, as it allows you to speed up this operation as much as possible, otherwise it will take a lot of time and energy.

A special feature of the ratchet screwdriver is that it works without having to plug into an electrical outlet.
In fact, just connect it to an ordinary compressor. The device uses energy generated from gas expansion and the device is not connected to an electrical outlet.
also makes the device very safe if used in humid environments and where there may be water on the floor.

A good pneumatic screwdriver is usually bidirectional, so you can use it for both unscrewing and screwing nuts, screws and bolts.
The best types of pneumatic ratchet screwdrivers are also equipped with a speed regulator allowing you to choose the best match according to the operation you are performing.

Weight is also important:

A ratchet screwdriver that is too heavy is not best to use for hours, as it will stress a lot during the entire working day and also becomes a bit difficult to handle.
So, keep in mind that the ideal weight should be between 2 and 3 kg. And if the latter is made with a titanium case, this feature will make it very resistant and durable, even if it doesn’t come cheap.

Choose the best air ratchet?

If you want to buy an Air Wrench, you have to always pay attention to a few criteria. Below we’ve put the most important things together into a clear checklist to help you make the best buying decision possible.
We are sure you will find a good product in our Air Wrench category if you take into account our criteria and recommendations when searching for it.

Are there famous manufacturers for Air Wrenches available?

Are there audio and information reviews on Pneumatic Wrench?

Customer reviews:
Have people bought and reviewed the product yet?

Is product size needed or even possible?

Consumer Association:
What are the current test results of the consumer organization Pneumatic Wrench?

Test results:
What products are currently on the list of pneumatic wrench testers?

How much money do you have and are there reasonable deals for Air Wrenches?

Finally, a full comparison of products and prices must be made based on relevant criteria!


Based on the above checklist, you can identify a number of products during the buying process that is suitable for your needs.
Ultimately, you should compare and evaluate to determine the best product in the Air Wrench category for you.

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