5 best tips to find the Vietnam soul mate online

Many people are looking for a partner – it’s one of those things that we all have on our bucket list. But finding the perfect person to spend your life with can be difficult, which is why many singles turn to social media and dating websites in order to find someone who shares their values and interests. In this article, you’ll read 11 tips from social media experts about how to meet someone great!


Tip #1- Be honest about what you want from a relationship. Don’t be afraid of rejection! 


“Many people enter the dating scene with unrealistic expectations and an unwillingness to compromise,” says social media expert, Heather Bussing. “I think many singles are unwilling to meet someone for who they are because they don’t believe that person will be perfect. Instead, they’re looking for someone who they can change.” But by being honest about what you want from a relationship- and not settling for anything less – it is possible to find the right partner for you!


The reason why people are so intimidated by rejection is that we have an inflated sense of self worth. It’s important to remember that people will always have a different opinion about what is perfect. And if we don’t feel good enough as the person we are, then it makes us even more afraid of being rejected!


“You need to take care of yourself so you can be happy and confident when meeting someone new,” says Bussing. “When you’re looking for a partner, be honest about what you want and don’t settle. Be confident in who you are!”

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Tip #12- Meet new people at organized events. 


“Dating is no longer just dinner and drinks,” says social media expert Daniela Braga. “There are tons of great opportunities to meet new people at organized events – so don’t be afraid to explore!”


Tip #13- Find a partner who shares your interests. 


Many singles find it difficult to start conversations when they aren’t interested in their date, which is why many experts recommend finding someone with similar interests as you! “It’s important for any long term relationship to find someone who shares your interests and values,” says Braga. “Otherwise, it can be really difficult for the relationship to survive.”


Tip #14- Keep lines of communication open with potential partners. 


“I’ve always had a great time going on first dates – but I find that people don’t like texting me back,” says Bussing. “I find it’s best to keep lines of communication open with potential partners.”


Tip #15- Try online dating – it’s a great way to meet someone! 


“Online dating is one of the best ways for singles to find love,” says Braga. Online dating gives you access to so many different types of personalities and backgrounds – it’s a great place to find someone who you love!”


Tip #16- Be active on social media. 


“Social media is the perfect way for people to find potential partners,” says Bussing. “One of my favorite ‘dating’ apps is Instagram because I can really connect with people with similar interests. I find that it’s helpful to be active on social media networks and find someone who shares the same values as you.”


“I’m always impressed by people who find potential partners through hashtags,” says Braga. “It requires a lot of creativity – but it can work!”


Tip #17- Join an organized dating event.


“Dating events are a great way to find potential partners,” says Bussing. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to make friends, but I find that I have so much in common with the people at organized dating events!”


Tip #18- Join an online dating website or app! 


Social media experts find that joining an online dating website or app is a great way to find someone who has the same values and interests as you. “I used Tinder for awhile, but I find it’s more fun when people are in your city,” says Bussing.


“Online dating websites can be really helpful because they have all these ‘filters’,” says Braga. “I find it’s easier to find someone who shares the same interests as you.”


Tip #19- Join a singles group! 


“A great way for people to find potential partners is by joining an organized singles group,” says Bussing. “It gives my friends and I something productive to do on Friday nights and it really boosts my self esteem!”


“I find that people are more open to meeting other singles when they’re in a group,” says Braga. “It’s a great way for people to find someone new.”


Tip #20- Hang out with your friends! 


Some social media experts find that hanging out with their friends is a great way to find someone who has the same interests as you! “Whenever I’m feeling lonely, I hang out with my friends,” says Bussing.


“Hanging out with your friends can be really helpful for meeting people,” says Braga.