Working environment in Vietnam: Top 10 best companies and changing trends in the future

Vietnam is a developing country with many opportunities for those who are willing to work hard. The workforce in Vietnam can be split into two main categories: the well-educated professional and the unskilled laborer. In recent years, there has been a shift from manufacturing jobs that require manual labor to more white collar office jobs. With this shift comes a large number of new companies looking for educated employees, as well as an increasing demand for skilled laborers across all industries. This blog post will take you through ten of the best companies to work at in Vietnam, highlighting their benefits packages and also discuss the changing trends in the working environment and employee market in Vietnam. We hope it helps you find your perfect job!

Working Environment in Vietnam
Working Environment in Vietnam

Factors to evaluate the company with the best working environment

The companies with the best working environment are evaluated according to some of the following criteria:

  • Number of employees
  • Employee treatment
  • Salary and bonus
  • Working space
  • Organizational structure
  • Size of business

Top 10 Companies with the Best Working Environment in Vietnam

Unilever Vietnam

For Unilever Vietnam, this is one of the most famous multinational companies in the world. And Unilever was also present very early in Vietnam. To be able to explain why this is a company with a very ideal working environment, the income level is the first factor when it comes to it. The average salary of employees at Unilever Vietnam on average will not be less than 10 million / month.

However, besides the high income factor, there are still different reasons why many candidates are willing to apply for jobs at the company. In particular, Unilever Vietnam always has a lot of training programs for employees at all levels. Monthly administrator trainee programs; training programs for senior managers always attract many candidates to attend.


Vinamilk Group is one of the large enterprises in Vietnam that candidates are very interested in recruiting.

There are many reasons for candidates to rate Vinamilk as one of the top companies with the best working environment in Vietnam today. In addition to having a fairly high salary; Vinamilk’s brand image is also very prestigious in the Vietnamese market. Sometimes, just the recruitment of sales staff of Vinamilk alone has attracted a lot of CVs to join the recruitment.

Vingroup company

For Vingroup, this is a very famous enterprise with many different large and small recruitment programs. Just hearing the name Vingroup makes a lot of candidates want to join the recruitment. With a good salary and bonus regime, dynamic corporate culture, Vingroup is always rated as one of the top companies with the best working environment in Vietnam today.

Despite being one of the top companies with the best working environment in Vietnam today. But to be able to work at Vingroup is not easy. The corporation’s projects are always numerous. Along with that, Vin’s monthly KPI is also very large. However, the employees working here will definitely have a lot of opportunities to develop themselves.

Samsung Vietnam

Samsung is a large Korean corporation that has been present in Vietnam for a long time. Samsung’s recruitment rounds are always very attractive to many workers. In which, the recent recruitment of Samsung Vietnam with 6,000 engineers; Bachelors in recruitment have also expressed the attractiveness of the positions of this leading Korean private economic group in Vietnam.

FPT Corporation

FPT Joint Stock Company is one of the leading information technology companies in Vietnam. At FPT, employees not only have high income for all positions. In particular, positions related to IT are always taken care of by the company very carefully. An average FPT programmer will earn up to at least 20 million/month depending on his experience.

In addition, the company always has many monthly awards for excellent employees. The awards set out by FPT Corporation always help to maximize the capacity of employees. Along with that, the company always has policies to support training for its personnel to improve professional knowledge for its personnel.

Viettel Military Telecom Corporation

According to the latest report, the average income of employees of Viettel Group is currently 23.7 million VND/month. This is the reason why Viettel telecommunications company is the number 1 telecommunications enterprise with the ideal working environment in Vietnam today.

Although the salary and bonus regime; Viettel’s income is currently very good, the work pressure at Viettel is not small. However, employees of Viettel telecommunications group will have many opportunities to develop themselves.

Intel Vietnam

To become an enterprise with the best working environment in Vietnam, Intel always puts the improvement of the professional capacity of its employees on top. In particular, businesses are willing to provide master scholarships worth thousands of dollars to employees without the need for employees to work for the company as a commitment in the labor contract. This is one thing that makes qualified and experienced personnel always excited to work for Intel.

Nestle Vietnam

Is a brand branch of Unilever Vietnam Group. Nestle is always interested in many new graduates. Every year, the company always has recruitment programs for trainee administrators for final year students, fresh graduates.

This is a great career opportunity for dynamic young people who have confidence in themselves when Nestle Vietnam is not too demanding on working experience like other multinational corporations. And also because it does not require too much work experience, Nestle Vietnam has long been in the top of the company with the best working environment in Vietnam today.

P&G Vietnam

P&G Vietnam is a branch of Procter & Gamble Group, headquartered in the US. The reason this company is always sought after by many employees is because of its well-built corporate culture policies. Every time they go to work, employees are always encouraged to improve their creativity and fun at work. Therefore, this is the address chosen by many candidates as the starting point for their career.

Vietnamese Pepsico

For Pepsico Vietnam, many employees have commented that this is a very recruiting place. In all different locations. The salary, bonus and welfare regimes are set up strictly. Therefore, this is a company that if anyone has worked, only one will stick with the company for a long time.


05 trends to change the working environment in 2021

The changes brought about by the pandemic will likely have a lasting impact on the job market. While technology and processes change, we can all observe that differences in mindsets and lifestyles are the most profound changes. Entering 2021, here are 5 trends that will change the working environment of people in the next few years.

Hybrid office

For a long time, many people have become accustomed to the traditional office design – where there are fixed seats and limited coworking areas. However, in order to respond quickly to the epidemic, many businesses have applied 50:50 working, half working at the office, half working remotely to keep distance and protect the health of employees.

According to JLL, flexibility and work experience have driven the demand for modern office design in recent years. Companies realize that job requirements change and employees demand flexibility in the workplace, so their offices need to cater to this need to help attract and retain talent.

Thus, the office “hybrid” – a balanced combination of both traditional and modern styles was born. The highlight of this type is the combination of flexible working areas, enhanced opportunities for cooperation and no fixed seats.

For example, in JLL’s Future of Work survey, many corporate real estate managers ranked collaboration and flexibility as the two most desired factors in enhancing the human experience at work. Workplace. According to the survey, leaders expect workplace collaboration to improve by at least 30%, and that is an incentive to increase collaborative work areas in the office.

JLL Asia Pacific’s Design Office Cost Report 2019/2020 also shows that the average cost has increased by 4.2% over the same period last year, greatly affected by the labor shortage. dynamics, increased construction demand and higher material costs.

However, on average across 29 cities in Asia Pacific, a modern office costs nearly 23% less than a traditional office. From another perspective, building a modern-style office in less time also saves money.

The trend of working remotely is growing strongly

According to the US Census Bureau, nearly a third of the US workforce and half of “knowledge workers” are able to work from home. While the number of people working remotely (full-time or part-time) has increased dramatically in recent years, the Covid-19 pandemic is a boost to this trend.

Working remotely, as the name implies, means that there is no limit to traditional office space, employees can work anywhere: at home, coffee shop, co-working space or even while traveling, as long as it’s efficient and on schedule. Although it is quite new in Vietnam, this form is relatively popular in European countries and the US, especially in technology and service companies, because of diverse benefits for both businesses and employees.

On the corporate side, they can reduce office costs, increase access to talent around the world, and enable the company to operate 24/7 with employees spread across time zones. As for human resources, the opportunity to experience a foreign working environment, to be paid the same salary and treatment as a local employee, but with domestic spending, saving time moving to the company are some of the advantages. need to be considered.

In the current context, remote working in Vietnam only stops employees completing work at home instead of at the office, but has not been able to fully promote the inherent advantages. There is no positive prediction about when COVID-19 will end. Therefore, remote working may have to become the main form of work for many employees and businesses instead of being considered a temporary solution.

Company virtual culture

Companies need to find ways to maintain their corporate culture in a virtual environment. Prioritize taking the time to develop a plan that ensures you focus on employee engagement. Normally, you can follow your normal employee engagement methods, but in a virtual environment this can be difficult. Host online meetings, networking, or team building exercises and welcome feedback. To attract and retain talented individuals, companies will need to communicate how they have cared for their employees during this difficult time.

Enhance employee health and wellness

Over the past few years, employers in the US have introduced new benefits to support employees, such as increased maternity leave. Even before the pandemic, Gartner research found that 45% of welfare budget increases were allocated to mental and emotional wellbeing programs.

And the pandemic has brought welfare issues to the fore as employers are more aware than ever of how mental health affects employees and companies in the workplace.

By the end of March, 68% of US companies launched at least one new health benefit to support employees during the pandemic. In 2021, employers will go further by expanding mental health benefits. This gives rise to days when they shut down entire companies for “collective mental health” to raise awareness among employees about this important issue.

Freelancing will help bridge the gap

Freelancer has never ceased to be useful for those who are unemployed or have their hours cut because of the pandemic. According to an Upwork survey conducted mid-June to early-July 2020, 59 million people (36% of the US workforce) had freelanced 12 months prior. 12% of respondents have started freelancing during the pandemic, 54% out of necessity and 75% in search of financial stability.

With the economic situation continuing to be uncertain and market disruptions, freelance work and the additional income it provides are likely to remain in the long run. In fact, up to 88% of Freelancers say they are more likely to have to continue this work in the future.

Companies will also benefit from a growing freelance job market, especially when they don’t have the budget to hire full-time employees. As businesses assess long-term needs, freelance and contract work can help them fill staffing vacancies.

The economist John Maynard Keynes predicted in 1930 that the amount of time we work would gradually decrease to just 15 hours a week as technology makes us more productive.

Above are the top 10 companies with the best working environment in Vietnam as well as the trend of changing the working environment in the future. I don’t know if that future is far away, but in the immediate future, we can already see extremely positive changes in the human working environment in 2021 and many years to come.